Get into shape the fun way with the Twist & Shape
  • Lose that muffin top
  • Activate your core
  • Sculpt your shoulders & arms
As Seen On TV
You may have seen the Twist & Shape on some of the countries most popular TV Channels.
The Fun & Effective Workout!
Twist and Shape your way to toned in 20 mins a Day
The secret of Twist and Shape is the patented dual power rotary design that lets you twist your body up to 240 ° for a fun & effective full-body workout!
  • Slim & trim your love handles
  • Tone & tighten those buns, thighs quads
  • Trim your waist as you twist
  • Squat to tighten your buns & thighs
  • Strengthen glutes & legs
  • Includes a Workout DVD & Nutrition Guide
People Are Loving The Twist & Shape
These Satisfied Twist & Shape Users Saw Amazing Results!
Includes These:
  • Twist & Shape
  • Workout DVD
  • 14 Day Nutrition Guide
The Fitness Breakthrough That Gives You Incredible Results!
Revolutionary Patented Design
Increases Range of Motion & Circulation up to 240 Degrees
Makes twisting safe for any age & fitness level
Complete Digital Display
Tracks your workout time & reps
Foot Plates
Keep you comfortable & secure while you work out
Why Not Add These?
You will be presented with these amazing optional accessories before the checkout to add to your order
Exercise Mat
The Exercise Mat is perfect for placing under your unit not only during your WonderCore® Smart workout, but also for support and comfort when enjoying other exercises in your routine.
Exercise Bands
The Exercise Bands add another dimension to your WonderCore® Smart, allowing you to target, train & define at a whole new level! Includes workout DVD.
Twist & Shape your way to toned today!
Get into shape the fun way with the Twist & Shape
  • Lose that muffin top
  • Activate your core
  • Sculpt your shoulders & arms
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Exercise and proper diet are necessary to achieve and maintain weight loss and physical fitness. Consult your physician and carefully review the instruction manual before using this product or performing the exercises presented in the included exercise programs. If you experience any discomfort or difficulty with the exercises or diet, discontinue immediately and consult your physician. The information contained herein is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or medical condition, or serve as a substitute for medical advice or counselling.

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